Companion Care

Companionship is a vital component for older people to feel socially connected and studies indicate that companionship enhances physical and mental health. Jes Care offer a number of services, which help keep an older person actively engaged while living at home. The care plan is uniquely personalised for you or your loved one.

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  • Thorough care management and family support
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Your local team of Client Care Managers are on call 24/7 to answer your questions and work with you to design a customized plan of care that is right for you.

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Our companion care services

Some of the companion activities that Jes Care  Services provide include

Companion activities
  • Meal preparation to help ensure nutrition needs are met
  • Medication reminders
  • Light housekeeping / laundry
  • Escorted shopping, outings, and appointments to promote socialisation
  • Playing games and solving puzzles for mental stimulation
  • Outdoor activities like going for a walk and gardening for fitness